Emotions you can taste

Thanks to the recovery and refurbishment of an incredible facility, Trabocco Cungarelle allows its guests to witness the ancient maritime traditions from a time long gone.  

There’s nothing quite like tasting the best food the area can offer directly on the sea, all while observing the reenacting of the ancient, breath-taking fishing techniques: an experience like no other, as vivid and intense as it could be, to be savored slowly, passionately, and that was welcomed by both the public and the most demanding critics. 

The recurring success of the last few years is but an encouragement to do even better, to improve our hospitality services, and our touristic initiatives towards the most interesting areas our region can offer.

Our offer:

From Monday to Sunday we are open for both lunch and dinner with the most delicious fixed menu of fresh fish: a choice of both cold and warm appetizers are followed by a first and a second course, and then fresh fruit and sorbet. 
Price: €70 per person, water included (other beverages and wine not included)